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A world-wide ministry of the churches of Christ

AMEN Ministry

Hendersonville church of Christ

1975 Haywood

Hendersonville, NC 28791



A Free Service to Christians in the United States Military





Looking for someone to contact your loved one who is in the United States Military?  Please let us help. 


At every military basic/recruit training facility where young Americans are given their first taste of military life, nearby churches minister to them when possible.  After 26 years of military life we know how hard that can be.  We can connect your loved one with a congregation of the churches of Christ who wants to help. 


 For over thirty years we have successfully connected hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young people to local churches who drew them into the fellowship of Christians to continue their spiritual growth.  Our sponsoring church is the Hendersonville, NC church of Christ, where we now live.  For thirty years the AMEN Ministry was sponsored by the White's Ferry Road (WFR) Church of Christ who we continue to love, work with and appreciate.


It is a time of war and our ministry needs your prayers and your financial support in order to continue this ministry to Christians in the United States Military.  We must learn how to improve our ministry to a new generation on young people who need the fellowship of other Christians. 


To help your loved one in the U. S. Military anywhere in the world and on many of our ships at sea, please send us an email with contact information so we can forward it to churches whose volunteers stand ready.


 Harriet stands ready to help.  If you prefer to call her, you can reach her at 828-891-4480, but Email is best.  Sometimes we can make a 'same day contact', so please don't wait. 


We work with the churches of Christ, but we often help young people who are affiliated with other churches or who don't attend church anywhere.  Our goal is to put young Christians together for fellowship and spiritual growth.


Please pray for our military and for our ministry. It is a joy and a blessing to serve Jesus and Christians in the military.


Don Yelton

Email Don at: and Harriet at:


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or send a check to:


AMEN Ministry

Hendersonville Church of Christ

    1975 Haywood Road

    Hendersonville, NC 28791


Harriet & Don Yelton - 2009 photo